Too Much Grime?

(1968 E-Type FHC) #1

Two great years and 4500 miles of fun! But time to put it down for its biennial.
Rear hub area:
This looks to be about right grime to me

But (hard to see) the right side is 3X as grimy

Especially on hub carrier, wishbone, radius arm and lower parts of shocks/springs.
How does it look to you all? Thinking about clean-n-go then watch?
Trying not to think about a seal!

(Erica Moss) #2

I get the same, and like yours mainly on the right. Mine is a leaky rear main and I have to guess it’s a direction of rotation thing. It sprays out with some right bias.

(1967 FHC) #3

I agree with Erica. The engine oil leak spray goes to the right. I had a front main seal leak and the right underside of my car was nicely preserved.

(Erica Moss) #4

My guess is that oil mostly accumulates on the bottom of the crank and it gets flung off the crank quickly in the direction of rotation once past the seals.

(1968 E-Type FHC) #5

Aargh! I was trying not to think about a hub seal. Now I’m trying not to think about “THE” seal. Well, I will be under there cleaning up and will see if I can trace it forward as you suspect.

Thanks for the help!

(Erica Moss) #6

That’s honestly not so bad for 4500 miles. Mine looks like that after 500 miles, hence the engine is coming out soon.

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(69 FHC ) #7

I think it looks great because it was honestly earned.

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