Tooth count and pattern on 1994 XJ40 crankpulley for CPS

Can anyone here tell me the tooth count and the pattern for the toothed wheel on the crankshaft pulley that is picked up by the crankshaft position sensor? I seem to recall that there are 60 teeth with three missing teeth where each missing tooth is 120 degrees apart. But confirmation of this would be helpful.

Steven - this is from the Jaguar AJ6 4.0L Engine Management System and Diagnostic Guide:


Thanks Mike

I was wanting to confirm this as I was corresponding with the folks at about the possibility of converting the system to Megasquirt. Unfortunately this type of wheel pattern where there are multiple missing teeth scattered around the reluctor wheel is not currently supported by the Megasquirt code. They did say it might be possible to write some custom wheel decoder code for Megasquirt but that effort would cost $500. I am still seeing if there is another solution but I am also thinking I am not sure about funding that $500 code development all on my own.


I know nothing about this but to me it raises the question: if you are deviating from stock anyway would it be cheaper to have the stock timing wheel modified to replace the 3 missing teeth with teeth from another wheel?

I have been told on another forum that the reluctor wheel on a AJ16 motor out of the X300 cars only has a single missing tooth (60-1 I think) which would be a supported tooth pattern so maybe the best option would be to swap the AJ6 crankpulley for one from a AJ16 motor.