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Quoting rules paraphrased for brevity:“restored”, “reconditioned” are
synonymous with “wrong”, “missing”, “incorrect”, or “non-authentic” and
receive deductions as listed in “non-authentic” table.
There will be no deductions for mechanical parts subject to wearing out
i.e. generators, alternators, compressors and other mechanical parts."
I assume that a rotten hose replaced with an “authentic” hose would not
get a deduct.
Over time protests filed by entrants will clarify these questions.

Guys, Can any of you here help before I contact the JDHT?
Alastair Lauener_____________________
Subject: Authenticity re Mark IV and Mark V Jaguars
Author: Mos Munchenberg mosco@picknowl.com.au at internet-gateway
Date: 4/8/97 12:49

Mr Don Evans has been appointed as a concours judge for the next Jaguar
Day in South Australia, and URGENTLY requests clarification on the
following points:

  1. What colour are the open ended spanners and tyre levers. Are they
    finished in a black gloss or flat finish?

2.Are the carburettor dashpot tops nickel plated or brass finish?

  1. Are the tappet covers & water manifolds highly polished, or not?

  2. Are there more than three (3) styles of seats in the Mark IV?
    i.e. leather pleated, leather plain, or velour.

Is there a style with support sides similar to the Mark V?

  1. Does the rear bumper bar on the Mark IV have to be removed to gain
    access to the spare wheel, or is this a myth?

  2. Has the tool tray got chrome screws & cup wahers holding it into the
    boot, or are they a painted finish?

A prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

Attention your reply to Sharon Munchenberg, Jaguar Drivers Club of South
Australia. Thanking you.

FAX NO: 61 8 8377 1353.

Alastair, for Mr. Don Evans and Sharon Munchenberg, Jaguar Drivers Club
of South Australia:

This response to the questions regarding MK IV authenticity may be too
late but here it is anyway. These answers were provided by a long time
MK IV owner and judge.

  1. Tool color- they were essentially an unpainted, bare metal, light
    brown color (Snail Brand). Since they were likely given to rust, I’m
    sure various finishes were applied.

  2. Carburettor dashpot tops- BRASS, not originally highly polished.

  3. Tappet covers and water manifold finishes- NOT highly polished. The
    castings were rough with lots of sand/grain casting marks. shuld be
    clean but not shiny.

  4. Seat styles- NO velour! Most cars have pleated leather. Very late '48
    cars which had vacuum advance distributors also had MK V style plain
    leather seats with side supports as MK V. They are reportedly the same
    seats used in the MK V.

  5. The MK IV bumper bar does NOT have to be removed to access the spare

  6. The tool tray does have CHROME screws and cup washers holding it.

Hi all. Sorry for the cross post, but i am just now getting back with the
list. It has been a while since I have read/ contributed to the list due to
e-mail problems. Well, anyways, I have 1974 XJ12C Jaguar which I have just
got back from a botched engine and body restoration. At the current moment
the engine an dthe body are in goo dshape. I am now working out all the
small bugs in it to get it driveable condition such as removing the
transmission for a rebuild, replacing the AC condensor, tracking down why
the wheel shakes over bumps, and a few othe rlittle things. Any help with
these problems would be appreciated. I am located in Louisiana if anyone is
intrested that is in my area. Also, I have some pictures of my car on the
web at:

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As I write, there is a fellow downstairs in my garage performing cosmetic
surgery on my “regular use” cranberry red 84 Sovereign. This is one of those
cars that is a knockout from 10 feet away; at 4 feet you begin to see the
small parking lot dings in the doors.
There is a non invasive, non-paint method of curing this using a combination
of rods, heat and other elements. The results? astounding. The dings just
disappear, and the original paint is intact. I highly recommend this
PROVIDING the operator is skilled at his work. This man happens to be a
perfectionist. The car looks so good that it may be seen on the concours
circuit this year!

Jeez. I didn’t expect such strong responses when I wrote my original post.
I appreciate the responses both on and off list.

I think we all agree that if someone wants to cheat no amount of rules
changes will stop them. We also agree that such rules would be difficult if
not impossible to enforce. My goal was to propose a rule change that makes
clear what most of us believe was the intention of the rule as currently

The fact that I did manage to take first in class in no way lessens my
feeling that trailering or partial trailering in driven class competition
should not be allowed.

A British friend of mine tells me that in England all the cars are driven to
the concours.

Regards, John Walker