Torque on Mark V Bell Housing to Gearbox set screws?

Hi folks, can anyone suggest a torque setting for the bell housing to gearbox set screws (especially where mentioned if found in Mark V Service Manual)?

The parts are FS.107/8D (six used) and FS.107/6D (two used) “Screw, Set, securing Bell Housing to Gearbox” as described on pages 25 and 26 of the Spare Parts Catalogue. The parts specification on p.95 Spare Parts Catalogue says 7/16" B.S.F 1 (8D) inch and 3/4" (6D) standard hex head. In my parts supply these set screws variously show on screw cap: Auto D; BEES 45D55; BEES with two images of a bee where the 45D55 normally is found; R (at 12) S (at 3) D (at 6) and C (at 9 o’clock); NEWTON D; and nothing on cap.

40-45 ft-lbs is probably plenty for those.

A bolt torque chart for BSF screws Grade R shows that 7/16" should be 51 ft lbs.
I believe that 45D55 is equivalent to Grade R, but Roger Payne will probably confirm that.
BS_Torque_Settings.pdf (64.5 KB)

Correct Rob - the old Grade D (45-55 ton yield) was superseded by the revised Grade R - still the same 45-55 ton yield, and British Tons not American (short) tons…

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Thanks to all. Torque set to midpoint of recommendations at 45 ft.-lbs. Now to fold over the locking plates.