Torque setting?

What should be the torque for the bolts of the rocker shaft posts (C424)
1938 - 2.5 SS engine.

The MkV manual tends to give more information but in this case it looks as if it’s left to the discretion of the mechanic.


BS_Torque_Settings.pdf (64.5 KB)

Thanks Peter, I checked the manual and could indeed also find no information about the torque setting.

Rob, Thanks for the torque setting sheet, very usefull

I stand to be corrected on this anecdote, but I was once told that torque wrenches came into use during WW2 when women did all the engineering work in factories and needed a more accurate guide than ‘tight enough’ which the pre war engineers had previously used based on experience. :slight_smile:

A bit earlier than that, Walter P Chrysler in the 1920s invented the deflecting beam type for Chrysler Corp.

But I could believe it came into common use with women in factories. I’ve known 2 or 3 women who will use one on almost any bolt down to 1/4" and carry a bolt torque chart around.

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