Torque Wrench settings

Is there a list to hand ?
Need to know disc to hub bolt torque !

Just checked my ‘S’ manual and there are no torque settings for that item, 2 grunts should be ok, its held on by the wheel byway.

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Not held on by the wheel , it’s bolted to the back of the Hub !

Oops, fair call still two grunts :slight_smile:

I’m a hard biker my two grunts maybe 1 too many :rofl:
Had a look in a XJ6 Haynes Manual , far better then there MK2 Manual
Torque settings listed in every section .
Would think the bolt would be about the same Torque !

I believe there may be tables with an engineering standard for different diameter, thread, rating etc.

So long as the fasteners are the same size as the XJ, I reckon you would be good

Just checked Tony , bolts are the same part no 201390 .

Then two grunts and one expletive…

Ahh I forgot about the expletive, that when the socket slips off the bolt :slight_smile:

…no neck cords, just the two grunts?


perhaps that, if never seen copper slip.

Put the hubs on my 62 Mark 2 about 8 months ago, looked everywhere for torque setting. I used a generic setting, I read. Go with 2 grunts, I went with sore back, no work on car for 2 weeks.