Total angst re: mirrors

Very slowly, I’m getting near time for paint. I like to have all the holes drilled before this happens, so I need to plan my mirrors.
I have a pair of 406 Lucas wing mirrors, but I really can’t decide whether or not I want to fit them. I know they’re not the best option for rearward vision, but they are period-correct (I know, dealer fitted) and I definitely need mirrors - is there an attractive option for door mirrors on a 140DHC, that looks right? Any suggestions gratefully received.
It’s difficult because I remember as a car-mad English lad that no cars had anything other than wing mirrors in the late fifties/early sixties. I can’t remember a single door mirror anywhere apart from the things that clipped to the quarterlight frame, and I don’t really want those.

I am at a similar stage with my 150. I too think wing mirrors are the only real period-correct option. However, I cannot bear to drill holes in the fenders. So I’ve chosen to go without. Since it’s an OTS, I don’t think I’ll lack for visibility…

Have you driven one with the hood up? Ummm…

I would never mount wing mirrors, only the idea of making a hole in the wings.
I fitted clip on mirrors on the windows frames, they are wide angle, and will give enough view.
Used them on both my Xk’s


Peter Jan

Thanks Peter Jan,
I think that probably is the best option. They look like original Lucas heads (I might be able to swap to the originals I have, with the ‘Lucas’ stampings) and will give better visibility than wing-mounted mirrors.
Can you still operate both windows and quarterlight glasses with them in place?

Fair question. I have. But since the hoods of my cars haven’t been up in over 20 years (sunny SOCAL), perhaps I’m not the best data point. :wink:

Like Peter Jan, I have a clip-on on my MKII. It works fine.

I understand the angst!
I have a RHD in a LHD country. I have bought several different types of clip-on mirrors, and they are really inadequate – just can’t get the vital left side mirror to reflect adequately.

I like the styling of the fender mirrors, but, as was already pointed out, adjusting these mirrors is ridiculous unless you have a second person to move them for you. Very cumbersome.

So, I entertained getting DUAL remotely adjustable mirrors (yep, needed for both left and right fenders). Any power/electric mirror just will not do. They are completely out of place. Yes, I have looked at dozens of them, and have even bought several – but when held in position, they looked wrong for the 1968 420G.

However, there are a few cable-controlled mirrors that might be used, and I collected pictures of many possibilities – and I have bought a couple to play with. I envision lengthening the cables (it’s do-able, using long choke cables) so that they reach all the way inside the car, with the separate joy sticks positioned possibly under the dash.

The trouble is that you really can’t tell how they will look until they are mounted and you can get real-time perspective. I suppose if I had the computer skills, I could photoshop them in correct proportions to preview the look, but that’s beyond me. Need grandchildren of adequate age to do this, alas.

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Ive a friend who is very good w/PS: if you email me various photos, of the cars and mirrors, I’m sure he’d be happy to help!

Ah yes - unfortunately, living about 75 miles from Coventry, I have period correct weather to go with my period correct Jaguar.
Very envious!

For what it is worth, I love the functionality of the 406 convex wing mirrors. They let you check each side without turning your head (a good thing for an old man) and they give you full range of vision. I get the angst about drilling holes, but they were on almost every British sports car back in the day. Don’t mount a radio antenna, and you will spare the car an even bigger, uglier and in the modern age unnecessary accessory. To me, the main downside of the wing mirrors is their proclivity to being knocked out of adjustment. You need to learn where to point them without having someone in the driver’s seat giving directions. The flat wing mirrors, on the other hand, are worthless because the field of vision is so limited when mounted on the wings.

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i had those lucas wing mirrors on my 140 for many miles, found them useless especially at night. there was some sort of large clip on panarma mirror that goes inside which looks good for an ots but may not give good view with a top or roof ( may have been a general racing fitment?) wigs may know them?

Its simple. If you see a light reflected in the mirror, don’t change lanes until you know positively where the car is.

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i often find those lights unpleasant to my old eyes and glasses. but i don’t care for those kinds of roads either. with a 140 it is easy to stay ahead of those lights unless they want some fun - here in the wilderness. it helps to know where laser traps are. i bet you know all about that?

Well, yes - you can probably get away with it on US roads, but here in the UK you need to be very aware of what’s behind you at all times. This is a small, crowded island with everyone driving very close and usually at 70-80mph!

In regards to photoshopping the mirrors…It would take me a while to put all the pix together with labelling. How would I send the files to you?

I also find convex wing mirrors ugly but highly functional.

First, there is no blind spot witth these.

Second, there are so far forward you never have to take yours eyes off who is in front to check the sides.

Third, convex means aiming doesn’t need to be highly precise to be good enough.

Fourth, if they do get bumped out of position I simply ask my leggy 22 year old girl friend to hop out and adjust them for me.

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Video, please! I presume this might happen as often as a couple of times a day?


no need for the video of mirror adjust…just the in and out of car will do. Nic


I have a bridge for sale …

But seriously, today we had a Jaguar club drive. One of the cars is the most perfect XK120 I’ve ever seen. It easily beats other $200k restorations I’ve seen from other shops.

But, it had wing mirrors and they do hurt the clean appearance of the car.

The total drive for me was about 4hours, 50% freeway. The wing mounted convex mirrors woek really well.

(4) when it’s raining and you have the hood and side screens up, the wing mirrors are still pretty usable. Not so much mirrors low on the windscreen pillar.

I agree that UK driving is different. I tooted around the UK for a few years in a 55 Sunbeam OTS with the same style convex wing mirrors. They were invaluable on the A and B roads. UK countryside driving was a revelation for me, highlighting the value of narrow, nimble cars with good visibility. This pretty much describes an OTS. You just have to get used to getting wet from time to time.