Total make it happen find!

Found this while doing a bottom end inspection, Moss is showing the part unavailable.

Do any of you out there know who I can order this through?

It’s a 1960 3.4l.

Interesting construction :rofl:

Sorry to say, I have no information to share on sourcing the parts here.

Curiosity raises the question of whether the existing parts arrangement works well? And, if the existing parts are removed, will there be additional parts needed for any alterations on surrounding parts

I might be able to send you a drawing of the part so you can have one made. I shouldn’t be difficult.

The odd ball fix did work and the oil pressure was not affected, but that’s on the few drives I took with the car prior to rebuild.

I’ll have to pull it all down to see what more was modified.

That would be great help, thank you.

Easy job for a jobbing machine shop. The 3/8 broached hole should not be a tight fit on either shaft. Make from tool steel not ordinary MS.
There should be plenty of second hand ones around from old scrap engines.
It will be interesting to see what they’ve done on the oil pump shaft to convert it from 3/8 square to 3/8 hexagon!

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Thank you!

I was thinking 4140 stock ?

I’ll post some shots when I pull it apart.


Jaguar sourced certain bits from Taiwan during the period before 1971, when the UN declared Taiwan to be part of China. To avoid the embarrassment of sourcing anything from China, Jaguar no longer supplies these bits. Ordinarily you could contact Taiwan directly, but they are too busy with their chip production shortage. OTOH, mainland China has reproduced most of Taiwan’s production, albeit using leaded steel. You might visit a Harbor Freight and see if they have anything similar. Good luck! IMHO.

Or maybe buy another bit but for an impact driver, so it’s hardened :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are available here