Total restauration 92' xj40 4.0 help needed

Hi Andrei, If I wore a hat I would definitely be taking it off to you !
Keep posting the vids, I’m looking forward to seeing them. I’m sure you will get all the help and encouragement you need here on Jag Lovers, we all love our XJ 40s. I think just about every mechanical issue you could encounter on an XJ40 has been covered on the site so there should always be somebody with an answer to any problems you face regarding that part of your restoraton.

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Thank you Casso!:slightly_smiling_face: I can work only in the weekends,but i will try to do as much as i can and keep you guys updated.

Andrei …

Not be be the voice of doom but I would walk away from that project, no actually I would run.

That’s a LOT of corrosion and you can be sure that the more you dig into it the more you’ll find. If your plans are to use this car as a learning tool and are prepared to spend a long-g time and a lot of effort repairing it yourself then I’d still only be a maybe. But if you’re interested in a nice reliable car that you can drive in the near future this will only bring you heartaches. I know that’s not what you want to hear and I appreciate all the encouraging words you’ve heard so far but I’ve been there and done that. It will cost you a ton of time and a good bit of money and end up in utter frustration.

Remember these cars are nearly 3 decades old and even if you find a totally rust free example with a nice interior and paint job you are STILL going to run into a lot of other problems that you’ll have to deal with. These problems you can fix one at a time and usually they won’t come back to haunt you. But a car this rusty will keep rearing it’s ugly head as long as you own it.

I know you can say “but I got this otherwise nice car for a really cheap price” … why do you think the price was so low ?

Andrei I would second Grooves words, having owned 3 XJ40’s they are a wonderful car, WHEN THEY ARE WHOLE. The amount of work you are looking at would stress a qualified person working full time on it with a complete panel shop of equipment.

On the other hand if you’re a youngster and have 10 years to f around with it and don’t need a girlfiend, go for it! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I will practice on it guys. If is going good,than fine. If not for spare parts. I do have a girlfriend so for the car is just a bit of time.

When i don’t work on the body i try to do some other thing or figure out other problems. The car was not starting always. The guy that sold it was thinking that is the button from the brake pedal. But i saw that when a friend of mine was hiting this 2 conectors with wires

while i keep the key turned then it starts. It worked few times and after nothing. Any ideea? When it didn’t start nothing was spinning,engine,starter. I was just turning the key and all lights off…nothing happening. I put in there some wd-40 but didn’t help. Thank you

Andrei …

When you turn the key to try and start the car do you hear a clicking from the starter solenoid (located on top of the starter which itself is located under the intake manifold)? If you do then it’s the battery.

If you don’t hear any clicking then it could still be the battery (fully discharged or dead) or the key ignition or the starter relay, or finally the starter itself.

Again, try using another fully charged battery that you know is good as the first step in your troubleshooting. Only after you’ve done that ask for the next step.

Is true that all the time i’ve been using a dead battery and jumper or powered from another car. I do hear many clicks. But it worked when we’ve been touching/hiting this 2 conectors

Sorry Andrei I cannot determine what you are attempting to point out in the photo? All I am seeing is the relay box and the green wires disappearing.

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I think he means that red thing upper right but who knows

Andrei …

We really do like to help people on this forum, that’s what it’s here for. However if you don’t take the simple steps offered to troubleshoot the problem you’re wasting your time. Try a fresh battery first !!

As far as the green wire in your picture is concerned, there is absolutely no way to determine what it’s for unless you tell us what it’s hooked up to. This wire was added by a previous owner for some reason.

The good news is that a car that won’t even turn over is one of the easiest things to troubleshoot.

Sorry for my poor explination guys. It is about this 2.

When somebody move/touch them while holding the key,it starts

Today we’ve been taking out more things from both cars.

And i notice that there are some diferences between the cars. 1 of them is this one should i replace it?

In front of the radiator the one for spare parts have a metal going from 1 support to the other one

There are many, many differences between a 92 model and a 94.
That isn’t the radiator, it’s the A/C condenser, the cars have different A/C systems.

Most of the changes to the late cars are improvements but as you can see the front bits of the cars are quite different. The oil cooler was eliminated on the 94’s and the fan system is all electric with the fans being behind the radiator.
If I were you I’d just go with your original scheme and fix the bodywork and leave the components alone.

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I will do that Larry. The wiring and electric system is different too as i can see so many moduls or “computers” /solenoids(it will take a while for me to learn these parts names as i never had to use them)on the one for spare parts

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Not so many solenoids on the one that i am fixing

The different coloured cubes are relays if that is what you are meaning?

Yes,on the one that i have on the passanger side i have mostly relays while on the spare parts one only solenoids