Total restauration 92' xj40 4.0 help needed

There are professional chemicals that bind rust residues.
The one from August could already be made for the year 93, it has a front beam from 93.
You are brave that you have undertaken to rebuild such a rotten construction. Good luck.


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Thank you Thomas! It is a big job and not worthy…yet. i like cars since i was children. Now is time to practice with them.

Hi Andrei, I have nothing but admiration for you. Most Jaguar fanatics would never even consider restoring an XJ40 let alone one that was so corroded to start with.
You can spray the inside of any closed panels with ‘weld through’ zinc rich primer before welding if you are using a mig welder.

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Great advice Casso! I was looking by long time for some products and didn’t know wich ones i need.

until now i’ve been using some zinc alu spray. I will have to replace it with the good one. Thank you!

Rust remover or rust converter in order to stop this rust? The one that it looks worst is because of the WD40. I will leave them with WD40 until i find out how to treeat them before i weld them on the car

Hi Andrei, for small panels like that and any other rusty small parts you can leave them soaking in a bath of rust converting solution. It’s cheap and very affective even on heavily corroded parts, the one I’ve used in the past was called Deox - C and is made by a company called Bilt Hamber. It comes in crystal form and once mixed it can be re-used over and over. The metal is left with all traces of rust removed and can be primed directly on top once it’s rinsed off. The same company also makes a gel that can be brushed onto parts that you are unable to remove from the car, it’s called Deox-Gel, it gets all the way into the microscopic rust pitting and neutralises it. I have no affiliation to the company but I have used lots of their products and found they always do exactly what they say they will.

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I think most of these formulations are basically phosphoric acid, aren’t they?

I will try to order from Uk or Germany as here in Dk is hard to find and for many of them i have no ideea what is the name and what to look for. Thank you for the what i need because i am not familiar with all this products. Thank you

started to brace the car. After few hours i will come back with details,bracing plan a video to see it better and i will ask advices to see if is ok to start replacing the floor without any fear.

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Here is the video guys. Waitingfor advices so i can start asap.

Or i could be the plan from the pictures

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I’ve got no idea what formulation Deox C is but I don’t think it is phosphoric acid based, whenever I’ve used phosphoric acid based rust removers in the past it turns the metal a black colour and the rust hasn’t been removed as such, just converted to a hard scale, they’ve all had a strong vinegar type smell too, whereas with the Deox C bath crystals the metal comes out bright and shiny and all traces of rust have gone, it is also virtually odourless with just a hint of a lemon smell.

So sort of like Naval Jelly over here then?

Yes that’s inert ferric phosphate .

Let me know what do you guys think about this. If it is enough in orther to start to cut the floor and inner sill and replace.
I was also thinking to add more,and fix it in more points but i don’t know if it will be necesary. Let me know your opinion.

A bit of triangulation would be good, otherwise looking a lot better.


Thank you Robin! Soon ready to start fixing things.

Anybody knows what is going with SNG? i’ve bought by 3 weeks parts and the order is only created. They don’t answer by email and the phone is not in service…i’ve bought from SNG Germany.:lying_face::roll_eyes:

I tought they wiuld come with some primer on…

Doesn’t matter: any extant primer should be removed, the metal prepared properly, and good quality primer applied.

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