Touch-up paint spray

Anybody have any recommendations for the various places you can get touch-up spray?

I’ve got several spots in that I’d like to throw some touch-up spray on - like under the hood I’ve got some spots and a few other out of the way places.

There are several online places you can get spray cans, but thought I’d see if anyone had recent experience.

if it’s just little rock chips I spray matching paint into a small cup and tear off a paper match and use it to dot the chip… a large area you can go to various parts places that will custom mix a spray can… my car is black… so every few years I mask off rocker panels and spray with a generic hard enamel paint… what color do you have

I have had excellent results with products from in Nevada.


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Shoot, thought I’d posted color… I’m signal red, CFC.

I got some from for my Talisman Silver XJ6 and it was a very good match.

For small chips I got some of the finest brushes (#00000) I could find on Amazon. These worked better that the insulin syringe an auto detailer recommended. I also recently became aware of these applicators but haven’t tried it.

I also got a spray can from them and painted below the brake booster while it was getting rebuilt. I think under hood had taken on a slightly brownish tint from exposure to oil, so there was some contrast between old and new.

I also need some Signal Red for my XJS, so keep us posted on your matching results.

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I usually use a wooden toothpick to put a little of the touch up paint into the chip divot and let it spread out on its own. Corner of a paper towel into the liquid to sop up if the amount applied exceeds what is needed when it spreads and flattens. Often requires a couple applications.

I had tried using the fingernail polish sized brush but always seemed to get big blob out of my efforts.

I’ve always been happy with :+1: You just put in the MY, make and model of your car (and paint code, if you know it, if not, they show all the available colors for that particular car w. their codes) and boom, you have it. Excellent matching. You can also get tiny bottles, “pens” or larger bottles, as needed, for your particular job, as well as all the necessary peripheral supplies. :man_juggling:

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There used to be a co. online (don’t know if they are still in biz) that made a product called “blob eliminator”, or something along those lines. It basically is a mild (solvent?) that is applied over your touch up spot to remove the excess paint sticking out from the surface of the metal, after it has cured. You apply a little to the “blob”, rub it gently, and it is gone. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your repair to make it virtually invisible. :+1:

Ah, found it … It is called “Langka” … Their co. website is apparently no longer functional, although their product is still being sold out there … :confused: Here is some for sale on Amazon:

Looks like there are numerous YouTube reviews (and others) of the product, btw. You might want to read some of them over before deciding whether you want to order the product or not. :thinking:

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It’s still up - the Google links are just wrong…

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Ah yes … there we go … thanks PirkE ! :smiley_cat:

The engine compartment paint on my signal red car was in good shape because it was well protected by a horrible cracked yellow layer of that clear lacquer that used to be status quo for engine detailing.

After trying several things that didn’t work, I discovered that a single wipe with a clean paper towel damp with lacquer thinner made it look like new. A second wipe and I was taking off red, so one wipe it was. YMMV.