Towbar options for V8

I can see some info on towbars for the MK2/Daimler but seems limited. I am considering a modern option as will need to do dump runs here. I have had a complete towbar kicking around for years and just worry this version will reduce ground clearance too much. A removable hitch would be ideal but I don’t think they exist.

I have seen several tow bars for MK2, but this one seems incomplete and having a strange shape.
Also missing the brace at the rear of the car, going side to side, under the read bumper.

This one is bolted right through the rear frame with additional support in wheel well and up behind the axle.
They are still being supplied by Watling in the UK £130. There is no modern version according to them.

Witter made towing brackets for British cars back in the day. I do not have information on the Mk2, but here id info on the brackets for the ‘S’-type, with a photo of the one I have for my ‘S’-type, and factory instruction for fitting the bracket to the Mk10.



Dixon-Bate was the other big UK firm in period. Might be parts on

My image is a Dixon Bate towbar as their label is still on it. It is complete as far as I can tell but it is a big lump of angle iron to hang off the wheel well.

You can’t often have both ways with aftermarket tow bars. Strong and ugly or pretty but limited. Last time I checked, Sumo wrestlers didn’t make good jockeys.