Towing a BW 65/66....,

I have looked around at various sources, and cannot find a definitive answer: can the BW 65/66 be towed with the driveshaft in place, or does it have to be removed?

No oil pump in the rear drums. I would suspect NOT FAR?

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Kinda what I thought: in any case, I’ll drop the shaft.

Otherwise, Paul; add 3 pints to the box, max speed 30 mph - and maximum distance 30 miles…:slight_smile:

In either case; you have no power steering nor power brakes - it’s hard work…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Ah… I was enquiring about towing with a tow bar, not rope towing.

In any case, Ive made a quick access panel to access the rear u-joint.

That would coincide with my view. Few if any “modern” auto transmissions can be towed with the shaft connected.

And a cordless drill driver to make short work of twisting off the fasteners. Plus a ready strap to suspend the shaft…

I built-in a driveshaft loop, just for that purpose!

And when all that power destroys a ujoint to capture the loose shaft!!!

Remember the slip joint, and no, you can’t tow it far.

Unless of course you find the superior BW8 for small money. That one has a rear pump :shushing_face:

There is a story, probably wives’ tale, David. Stalled car, driver flagging a passing motorist; ‘give me a push - but you need 30 mph for my engine to start’. Waiting behind the wheel - impatient for delay; looks in the mirror. Just in time to see the obliging motorist coming in at 30 mph…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)


I have heard of that tale!!!