Towing a car with a BW66

Can a BW66 be flat towed, in neutral, without removing the driveshaft?

Maybe, I know the DG box had a rear pump which allowed the car to be tow started, I don’t think the BW66 has a rear pump so might be OK but for safety it would probably be safer to disconnect.

For short distance and a low speed, Paul - 30 miles at max 30 mph. The good book also advise adding 3 pints of fluid to the box - drained after towing.

As there is no brake or steering assist; towing is heavy work…:slight_smile:

Without the engine running the gearbox has no lubrication - hence the precaution…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Yes, no rear pump, overfill, then tow. We went twice as fast, half as far, no issues.

The BW 8 in older cars had a rear pump.

Thanks, fellers! I thought as much, but it has been soooo long, wanted to make sure!

When the Jee Type goes to the Salt, in '22, it will go as my trailer, behind Harvey. I’ll fab up a driveshaft loop at the aft end, to hold it up while disconnected.

For sure. The professional tow guys play it safe. No RWD cars towed with the rears on the ground…

Swap in a real Jeep full floater rear axle., add Warn hubs. Merely unlock and tow away…