TOY-MODELS XJS out there

(scrimbo) #1

I know it can be boring in the midwest this time of year…so dreaming up projects. .I HAVE FOUNDA FEW TOY XJS MODELS…WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS DISCOVERED.? ?? is one

(JLo) #2

Well before I built my project I played a little bit first


I posted a thread some time back about Barbie’s big pink XJS convertible, circa the early '90s. It even had “working headlights”. A few crop up from time to time on Ebay.

The nicest one I have seen, and it is far from a “toy”, is the 1/18 scale model by AUTOart. It’s a pre-facelift black coupe w. doeskin interior, VERY detailed and accurate, with opening doors, trunk, boot lid and turning wheel assembly. IIRC, it sold for around $175.00 or so, however it is my understanding that AA recently discontinued this model. However, again, they pop up every so often on Ebay. AA also made a white version, which also can be seen on Ebay from time to time. :slightly_smiling_face: Feast your eyes on these:

btw, I never knew Jag made a station wagon version of the XJ-S, called the “Lynx Eventer”, until I had seen the above listings. I learn something new every day on here! :+1:

FWIW, there is also a white pre-facelift coupe that used to be sold when “Return of the Saint” came out (circa the late '70s?), which looks like his, complete with the “Saint” logo on top of the bonnet. :cool:

(Douglas) #4

This model one lives on my desk. I admired the XJS for years before finally getting a real one. model%20xjs

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Some of the models are too pricey for me…I would like to know if a Chev HHR model around

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You’ve lost me … why would Jag toys be on a Chevy website? :confused: btw, I ranked those items in that list by highest to lowest price, so don’t be put off by the first page (200 items), as the cheaper ones are on ps. 2 and 3. Some of the cheaper ones though are just too cheap-looking, IMHO … :-1: