TPMS module (C2Z1523) question Jaguar XK 07

For the last several weeks, my tire inflation warning has come up, going from tire to tire like a merry-go-round, then stops and then intermittently, ‘rinse and repeat’… I’ve tried various things from deflating the tires 25% and reinflating, clearing OBD codes, checking the individual wheel sensors, recalibration (drive under 20 mph for 15 minutes, leave car for 15 minutes, start up), etc., all without success. I removed the rear seats and the module looks easy enough to replace. Thoughts? I’m loathed to bring the car to a dealership and get hit with a diagnostic fee equal to the cost of the module…

Hi Salvi-
You’ll want to put this in the X150 forum.


Oh right, duh!

I experienced the same thing on my XF. Turned out to be a bad TPMS module. You can read the details in the XF forum if you like.