Tps adjustment...?

My car has a 3 screw fitting tps and when looking for replacement I see only 2 screw fitting are available. Is there an alternative fit 3 screws or a kit available to fit

1984 V12

I just went through this on my 88 V12. That’s because we have the old black Bourne’s TPS with three adjustment screws, and the replacement is the new and improved red Lucas TPS with only two adjustment screws.

Here is the service bulletin. You need to source the adapter parts. With Red TPS, all new would be $350! I got a used Red TPS with adapter parts for about $120 from Simply Performance in the UK. Works fine.

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Thanks for that Greg, is the wiring the same or is it necessary to modify to

Plugs/wiring is identical.

If you search through my posts a few days ago/last week about my TPS, I had an issue with the adapter holes not lining up perfectly with the three holes on my throttle plate. Two were fine, but one was off. I ended up drilling a hole in my throttle plate for the third hole to line up, and it screwed in nice and tight. I put a nut/washer on end just in case. Maybe you’ll not have this problem?

My used parts also did not come with the spring pin in the photo, C. I ended up buying one in the hardware store, but had to drill out the hole in the spindle a tiny bit for it to fit, because I couldn’t find a smaller pin.

Also discovered, to get the TPS at 0.32-0.36 at idle, the adapter can only go on one way. So measure the voltage as you hook it all up, or just make sure it’s near it’s resting state (a bit higher than 0)

All in all, it only took me about half an hour, and it works great.

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I have emailed them and Grublogger another used parts in the uk. For prices and availability
Thanks greg

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