Tps question 89 xjs 5.3

Good Evening Team XJS!
Looking for help on TPS for my 89 xjs 5.3 Marelli. I have the red TPS and had to purchase a capstan assembly. Long story on why… Either way, the new (used) one came with the black Bourne unit. Can I leave this unit as is and have it work properly or do I need to buy a red TPS?

They both gave 3 wires coming out of them. Just want to get some expert info before I put this in. Getting much closer to finally getting this car running and really don’t need any more problems…

Thank you!

The car won’t care if it’s a red or black TPS. Both operate on the same voltage/resistance scale.

An old Bournes TPS still operating well this far on would be a bit of a surprise.


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Thank you Doug!
I have ordered a new red TPS from Moss.

I thought you said you already had the red TPS. Why did you order another?

Yes. I do have the original.
The car sat fir 6 Years and it is wildly corroded.
That’s the reason I bought the used capstan. Not feeling confident reinstalling this rusty corroded mess after having entire top of engine off. For $130.00… my back will thank me😂