TPS Upgrade Choices

1988 XJS with an old tired black Bournes TPS

I’m looking into the kit parts for the upgrade to the red one. And I came across this at Welsh Enterprises. I have emailed them for more info, but does anybody here know about this kit? Is it aftermarket? Has anybody tried this out?


Jaguar issued a parts TSB for us way back when the old sensor was discontinued.

C-11 Throttle Potentiometer.pdf (333.0 KB)


Yes, thanks, that’s exactly what I’m using to source the parts. ($350 including tps!)

I’m just curious about Welsh Ent’s product, is that a newer model TPS with a more affordable adapter kit?

I think I remember this issue: someone found a REALLY inexpensive solution: it’s in the archives.

I have read that, it was a TPS for a Mustang for $30. Sounded like it wasn’t ideal, and I don’t want to ‘hack’ an adapter together.

Try these guys from UK:
They have disassembled quite a lot of these cars and have a big stock of used parts. I’m sure they can supply what you need at reasonable price.
If you have Facebook just contact Ben Thomson.


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Nice lookin’ kit! I’m betting that’s a Hall effect sensor.

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OoOo, everyone always recommends using a Hall Sensor. I’d love to know if any forum members have used this kit…I’m waiting for more info from Welsh Ent, as I don’t want to plunge $200 to be the Jag Lovers guinea pig.

If that’s a Hall effect sensor, being the guinea pig would be a far less risky course of action than buying another pot. Everybody, including Ford and every other manufacturer, knows that pots are unreliable in such an application. That’s why they all use Hall effect sensors.

I think you have to be careful with a Hall effect sensor in the jag circuit. The original device is a variable resistance and possibly matched with a circuit resistance to give a voltage reading depending on angle…or current signal depending on angle…? The Hall effect sensor I used (Honeywell HRS 100) can be made to fit in the existing arrangement with a bit of fiddling…but produces an output voltage as a percentage of the input voltage and was able to be calibrated as input to Megasquirt. I think someone would have to do a bit of research to get it to “fit” in the jag circuit.

Although Hall Effect sensors have a longer life than potentiometers as
there is no track to wear away, I believe they need more current than
the Jaguar ECU (5V at 1mA for a 5K pot) can provide. One lister
certainly tried hard but didn’t succeed.

Jim XJSC 3.6 Brighton UK

Yes, it sure does look like one…

Hmmm, doing research on obtaining parts for conversion to red one.

It looks like the new spindle, EBC3566, is NLA, I can’t find it anywhere. Conversion to the red tps may be quite difficult now.

Odd. Today that link just leads to a Bourne pot. Yesterday it led to a fine-lookin’ kit. Whassup?

You could fab that spindle pretty easily. A couple of those other parts, not so much.

Take a look at SNG Barratt EAC9567, EBC3568, EAC9634#, ouch $$$

Ha! My email must have made them realize they had the wrong photo! :slight_smile:

I’m currently in touch with Simply Performance, sounds like I can get a good used setup with red tps and all hardware for a good price.

Alright, so I bought a used adapter kit to put a red TPS on my 88 XJS V12 with the black Bourne’s TPS.

The adapter won’t line up with all three holes in my throttle body plate! I tried all three positions, and only two will line up. The third is half a hole off. The adapter has eac9567 on it, so it’s the right part.

What’s up? Should I bend one of the arms? (It’s cast aluminum)
Or do I drill out one of the holes and use a screw/washer/nut?

Not sure why it didn’t fit like it’s supposed to, but I didn’t want to crack aluminum adaptor, so drilled a hole in throttle plate so I could get third screw in.

All nice and tight.