Tracking a sent PM

Is there a way to check if a PM has been received? Clicking on my avatar seems to only bring up a list of those that have been answered.

Yes, sort of. If the recipient has opened the PM it will show as having been viewed twice, by the sender and the recipient. Each time you open the PM a view is logged.

So it is not logged at all unless the recipient has opened it? I was looking for a way to follow the pm to see if the recipient had received it. Something like the sent folder on a mobile phone.

That’s my understanding. Not like the standalone messaging apps that tell you that a message has been received.

There is a sent folder under messages in your profile. They would have in all likelihood received it but either may not have logged on or may not have noticed it.

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Thanks Erica and Nick. Now if I can just remember how to find the sneaky little thing.

Click your avatar (I guess a blue circle with the letter G in your case) at the top right of the screen. From the menu that pulls down, click the envelope icon. Click the envelope icon again (I know, don’t ask). This will bring you to your inbox. Select the Sent folder from the list on the left.

Don’t click the message you sent, that will just increment the “views” counter. Instead, look at the list of messages and notice the “Views” column to the right.