Traction control issue and coolant hose?

So I’m all new to Jaguar, I have a 2000 jaguar s-type 3.0 and I realize traction control in on once you start the car, I turn it off before I start driving and it tell me it’s off then I drive on snow and as soon as the tires start to spin the traction control is back on. It gives me the light on my dash when the tires are spinning and everything so I hold the button to turn it off and it doesn’t turn off. Does anyone know why?

Also does anyone know where to find the coolant hose the connect to the top of the thermostat? There a hair like crack in it on both sides. The hose is like 7 inches long if that, can I just buy the hose or do I have to buy the whole unit and what would that hose be called

Check here against your VIN #:

I need this hose.

All suppliers I could find only list the entire hose assembly. It’s not that expensive. The Gates version is available from eBay Vendors for around GBP50.

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According to the Driver’s Handbook, Traction Control is always switched on when the engine is started. The light indicates the system is functioning, preventing wheel slip on ice. It can be switched OFF, and the warning light will then stay on, reminding you that you are going to have wheel spin on ice.
The plastic clamping sleeves on that hose assembly can be cut off, and then you could replace each hose with whatever you can find at your local auto parts store and use hose clamps.