Trans. light on dash is on

hi all, coming home from the shops today i noticed the trans. warning light was on. car drove fine with no problems. when this happened with my xj40 i put 1-2 lit. of fluid in and light went off. so far i have put about 4 lit. of fluid in and it’s still on. any thoughts please. thanks.

Sounds like you need to get the codes for the trans read but I would suggest not filling the trans with any further fluid until you have measured the level.

hi robin, thanks for the reply. i dont have or access to code reader and would like to get this sorted today if possible. iirc on my old xj40 when you drained the gearbox only 3-4 lit. of oil would come out. would this one be the same? if so if i drained it and got 3-4 lit. out it would be roughly the correct level or maybe another 1 lit. might make the light go out. or if i got 3,4,5 lit. out it is over full so putting 3-4 lit. back in would be roughly the right level and the light is on for another reason. i have always had trouble reading the dipstick on these, can never seem to see the defined level on the dipstick. many thanks for any ideas, rob.