Transmission alignment?

The engine was just reinstalled and a noise has developed when running in second gear.It just started out of the blue. It’s similar to the sound that you would get if you were driving too fast in 1st or 2nd gear. All the other gears are quiet. I pulled the shifter hard to the left and it seemed to have quieted it at least for now. Could something have been installed out of wack that would cause this?

I think the first thing is to trace it to a cause inside the transmission or outside.

The desired cause is outside the transmission as this is less work to fix.

It may be an idea to take the car interior transmission access cover off and expose the transmission and see it fit still does this.

But you need the noise to come back in order to find out where it comes from

Dennis 69 OTS

I found that the mounting spring (S1, 4.1) had worn to the point that the U joint was hitting the cross member in mine under certain conditions.

Also, the opening in the console’s inner ‘shell’ can make contact with the shift handle below the gaitor if your mounts are not centering the trans or if the engine has moved to the rear such as when re-installing after rebuild.

Check the mind-numbingly dumb stuff before digging into the trans.

A recording of the sound might help. There are several potential sources for gearbox noise. When did you last lube or replace the u-joint? Are the rubber spring buffer pads worn or compressed? Is the shifter lever contacting the tunnel in a way that causes vibration or keeps the gear from fully engaging?

Then there are the internal issues of worn layshaft, worn needle bearings, or worn thrust washers.

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Thanks for the feedback. Since it’s no longer making the noise I guess I’ll leave it alone. If it starts up again I’ll let you know what I find.

That points strongly to a noise outside the 'box.

Yesh that’s what I’m thinking. Since I pulled the stick hard to the left the sound has gone away. It went away as quickly as it started.