Transmission lever parking lock sticks 96 x300

Sometimes on start up the trans will not release from park. So far cycling the door locks or a quick restart has solved the quirk. The interior (seats, dash & console) has been totally torn apart twice shortly after purchase with A/C woes, that work killed the clock and 4 way flashers. Is there an accessible mechanical release if the above tricks fail? Thank You.

Remove the TORX plastic ‘screw’ in the selector lever illumination module. Insert the key barrel to release, place the selector in N and start the engine.

The BRAKE SWITCH might be failing if you do not see BRAKE LIGHTS or hear the CLICK from the PARK LOCK RELEASE SOLENOID when the brake pedal is applied.

Thank You MCM, let me take a look for that torx, brake lights are okay. Why would it be a randomly intermittent gremlin?

Random brake light switch fault?