Transmission limp in mode problem

Hello all, I’m New to the forum. I’ve been searching for a lil while and found plenty of limp home modes on the xj40s but not on the x300s. I have a 97xj6l 4.0 with 88,000 that I traded my 97 lincoln mark viii for.

when I picked it up the guy that had it before me said that sometimes the car will go into limp home mode but with a quick DTC code erase on the TCM the car would operate as designed and shift properly. Now I can no longer do that and the vehicle is stuck permanently in limp home mode. Where do I start as I am not familiar with the electrical of these beasts. I just want to drive it lol.

The DTC that I can pull is for the torque converter clutch solenoid. If I remember correctly the code is P0702. I was talking to my shop foreman about it and he had mentioned that there might be a solenoid kit with a wiring harness that takes care of the lucas solenoids and wiring has anyone here found a fix that did not require a replacement transmission ?

Christian on the side of the box, check the wire harness plug, it gets dirty and fray…
Sometimes the ground wire breaks or corroded, clean it all up and see if you get a good result!
good luck

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I’ll definitely take a look at that when I get to work on Monday. I can take it on back roads to make it to work to avoid highway travel speeds. I appreciate the tip.