Transmission locked in Park

Hi Guys,
XJ8 not been used for some weeks and battery dead. Charged up, started instantly but won’t come out of P on selector.
Took out the little star screw and released the selector, all works and drives perfectly until you put it back into P.
Presumably there’s a solenoid on the selector that’s not being activated - anyone any idea where the fault might lie ?

Ram your foot into the brake pedal, It should unstick the button on the pedal?
Try it if not theres a solinoid and bracket right behind the pedal.
Good luck

Great, thanks for that. Yes, I did press the pedal pretty hard, so will check that switch tomorrow. Will report back!

Mmm, well bypassing the pedal switch with a loop of wire on the connector (white/orange to blue/grey) releases the selector. It also puts the brake lights on!

Presumably it’s therefore safe to assume that it’s the pedal switch that’s faulty? Will take it off and have a look at it. Probably full of electronics rather than a simple contact switch!

Great to here…
It’s a little plastic/metal button
I think you can get the unit complete with the bracket from jag
It’s under 300 dollars unless you can get just the button now
What year is your car it’s a big difference
The button is 14 dollars on eBay depending what series car

I’m pretty sure I read here that inside that assembly is a fairly standard micro-switch which costs pennies and isn’t too much of a faff to replace. Search here for ‘brake switch’ or similar.

Typed out this reply weeks ago but didn’t hit the reply button ! All good now, s/hand switched fixed it - 5 min job.

Thanks for the further help, guys. Not yet had chance to take off the switch, but will have a go at it soon. The microswitch in that link from Gerald Pye seems to refer to something on the selector itself, but I assume it’s ok on our car since over-riding the pedal switch releases the selector. Here in the UK s/hand pedal switches seem to be around £30 - £40 on eBay.