Transmission mount spring replaced

Replaced the spring now sounds like the driveshaft is cilicking a heat shealed. I cant see anything because of the plate that covers the tunnel. Can i remove the plate, is there anything connected to the plate ? I have all ready removed the rear heat shealed, im kind of leary about that plate . I have also noticed that the main fan is rubbing the shroud. What have i done.

Apparently your transmission is now siting higher than it should.
Is the fan hitting the shroud at the bottom?
Removing the heat shield is not the optimal solution, the factory spent money to put it there for a reason, and you still have the problem of the fan rubbing the shroud.
There was a similar recent thread and someone mentioned that there are several different springs with different hardness, so maybe you have a wrong type of spring installed.
You could compensate by adding extra spacers to the bottom plate, but it’s limited.
Is your XJS a 6 or a V12?

One possible solution is to remove one of the spring seats. That’ll typically drop it about 1/8", I think.

Can you grab the tranny with your hand and bounce it up and down?

Or, possibly, the transmission is now sitting where it should be. The last time the fan shroud was removed and reinstalled, sometime prior, it was adjusted to accommodate existing transmission/engine position.


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The heat shield I remove is the one that covers the driveshaft tunnel now there is a plate that covers the tunnel and I don’t know if I could take that off or or not

I’m assuming you have a V12 mid 80s like mine?

On my 88, i only had spring seat on bottom of spring. Many here, and even the store i bought the spring from, told me i should have two spring seats. But i disagreed, and installed just lower spring seat. Everything works perfectly.

It appears some models used two, and some used one. If yours is one, but you installed two, that could make transmission sit too low, which would make front of engine tilt too high, rubbing fan.

Kirbert no i can’t. Gregma its an 89 . It did have one seat but i put two in when I replaced it ,it also didn’t have the center bump stop but i put one in also. The po didnt to much to it so I’m doing a lot of maintenance that wasn’t done.

Center bump stop? You mean bushing? Yeah, those deteriorate and ‘dissappear’.

If you only had the lower spring seat, by adding a top seat too, you’ve lowered the trans height about 1/4"? You should redo it with just bottom seat as was intended.

When i did mine first time, we had a thread about it in detail, mid 2019 i would guess. Worth searching archives for.

You should be able to bounce the tranny up and down with your hand. If you can’t, something is incorrect about the mount assembly.

Yes, the mount is not properly aligned and it’s binding.
Loosen the four screws of the big bottom plate, and maybe the two screws at the trans, and see if you can align it so the trans bounces freely up and down. It might be the source of the problem.

On my 86 XJ V12 (same configuration) I’ve put both seats and had no problem with the original spring.

Also a possibility, but IIRC the adjustment is limited.


Have a look at this thread when I did mine last spring. Had the same debate as mine came out with one spring cup but it seemed like many had two. I tried it both ways, and it was clearly not correct and binding and rubbing with two springs seats in there (upper and lower), ultimately just the lower worked and has been perfect ever since.

89 XJ-S V12

Thank you for all the help i am going to change it back to just the lower seat should i remove the bushing or leave it in?

Does ‘perfect mean that it was the same as replaced, better or worse?

I have another question. The air pump and all smog related plumbing vanished from my 89 v12 convertible (its under investigation no charges will be filed) when i did the spring i removed the exhaust from the cats to the rear muffler, silencers , resonators . The po did some work on the exhaust between the cats and first muffler ,it looked bad ,i am going to just run the back silencers there is no emissions test for my car to old like me i would like to gutt the cats will this screw anything up like the ecu or am i ok?

Bigrob, the bushing, spacer and ‘washer’ definitely need to be in there! In order to provide the necessary dampening for the movement of the transmission.

Ptipon, I’d say it was returned to how it came from the factory. No more rubbing of the driveshaft and general banging and clanging around. My bushing and spring seat were pretty much dust and rubber goo.