Transmission ride height?

Just wanted to see if anyone has any idea about how high above the crossbrace the transmission should sit on a good/new mount on a 1997 xk8. I think my mount is possibly shot. I painfully crawled under yesterday and my trans looks like its sitting on the brace, and it kinda looks like the mount is possibly collapsed, and it looks like the center bolt hole is off center to the rear some. I tried to pull it to look, but the bolts seem to have corroded in the threads so I need more time to look into it. Unfortunately it was 35deg outside and I had gone out in shorts and flip-flops figuring I’d just be able to crawl under and see. Of course with my size I had to take off my carhartt coat to fit under, so yeah, I was in shorts flip-flops and a short sleeve t-shirt in 35deg weather in a stone driveway. Drrrrrrrrr! And yeah, I was under the car off and on for about an hour. Smh. I have to crawl under again, but I’m waiting on impact torx sockets. Another one of those “why didn’t they just use hex bolts!” moments. Smh