Transmission support 2003 XJ 3.5L V8

So my ZF6HP26 is on the way out at 152,000km, which apparently is par for the course for this fine piece of German engineering. Works well on short journeys, but get it nice and warm and it fails shifting ( I think ) 3 to 4 and invokes the limp mode.
The failure according to most Google hits is due to a worn bush, or maybe more than one, lowering oil pressure and preventing proper clamping of clutch plates etc at around 150,000km.
It could be just a solenoid, but the jury says not very likely.

Getting it fixed at a shop is A$5,000 plus, a bit steep for a car worth at best A$10,000.
Pity about that since the car is generally in good shape for its age and could easily last me another 10 years, so I am juggling the equation of fixing or selling for very little with a suspect transmission.
I have a 2 post hoist in my garage and lots of tools so taking the transmission out is not so bad.
Once out I can strip it, lots of info on Youtube and various sites. Rebuild it with US$500 to US$1,000 of parts depending on what is wrong.
The Australian built Ford falcon used the same ZF box and I have seen non core rebuilds for a reasonable A$2,800. I think that might work if it has the same input and output shafts/flanges.
It may need a swap of the XJ valve body and computer but they are probably O.K. anyway.

I have looked at the X350 Repair Operation manual and it mentions this, with a drawing:

10 Install the rubber blocks supplied with special tool HTJ1200-2, between the front subframe
and the oil pan.
11 . Lower the rear of the transmission.

Not sure what the rubber blocks do, anybody know ?
Also what supports the rear of the engine when the box is removed ?
I am thinking of my V12 XJ-Ss where you need hold up the rear of the engine.

Just in case not obvious, this XJ is first year of production for the aluminium body car.
Bought 11 years ago at 90,000km it has been reasonably reliable.
Only problem not resolved is twice this year the battery has dropped way down overnight for no reason to the extent the engine will not crank. The battery is new early this year.

I guess they just hold the gearbox at the correct height, so that the TC can be drawn out easily.
You could use some wood.

I think the engine will be fine It doesn’t require supporting.

I would be interested in the link to a rebuild kit.
I have a broken 5th gear. Clutch ring cracked or something

Yes, use the origional black megatronics computer

Thanks Andy for reassurance the engine will be O.K. without support when the ZF is lowered.
The rubber blocks in the ROM drawing look like they jam between pan and cross member but not in a way I expected. Pretty sure soft wood or chipboard would do.

I cannot find the Google hit I saw a few days ago with mention of a non core rebuilt Falcon ZF box for sale at $2,800. I think it was a shop in Dandenong.

This google hit gives an outfit in N.S.W. who claim a basic rebuild for A$2550.
That is for a Falcon box but should cover any ZF6.

ZF 6HP26 Transmission - Precision Racing


I was seriously thinking giving the car to my step son and he plus a mechanic friend can fix the box and have a good car to use or sell as he wishes.
Then I will look at buying a new base model 2L XF.
Well, big surprise ! Jaguar Australia has no stock of new base model XFs. There are a very few
dealer demo models around but they are all black and I am not a lover of black cars. Looking at post 2016 2nd hand XFs but they are nearly all black too.

Following up,
I went for an XF.
New ones not being in stock with Jaguar Australia, and very little choice left in dealers’ hands, I opted for 2nd hand. In fact I have never bought a new car in my life so no reason to change the policy anyway.
I bought a 2L turbo charged Portfolio model, just under 4 years old with - wait for it - only 6,500km on the clock. Incredible low mileage for nearly 4 YO. So why ?

I bought it through the grandson of an elderly gentleman who had a serious medical problem soon after buying the XF new. He was a Polish jew who by a miracle escaped the holocaust, and as a result would never buy German items if he could avoid it, especially cars made by you know who. Quite sad as he only bought Jaguars since arriving long ago in Australia, and he was not happy to sell his XF. The market being what it is I paid just half what the on road price of his new XF cost. It is metallic grey with black leather. Not keen on black but there is no choice. A bargain at the price paid.
I must say it has every bell and whistle you can imagine, most of which is lost on me. Drives O.K. but not quite so smooth and refined as my XJ350 3.5L which still has very good barley ( beige ? ) leather in excellent shape. Leather upholstery is the first thing ( and one of the most expensive ) items to suffer and depress a Jaguar’s price.
The XJ is up on a hoist waiting for me to detach the tranny.

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“Quite sad as he only bought Jaguars since arriving long ago in Australia, and he was not happy to sell his XF”

I am hoping respect was given to the gentleman who already has been through hell in his life. In buying hundreds of Jags, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, etc. in my life, I always want a clear conscience with no regrets no matter how great a deal I could get.

I understand your point Richard, and very much agree.
I told the grandson I sympathised with his grandad. As it happened his grandad had not been able to renew his driving licence due to his advanced age and medical condition. That is a tough situation.

The grandson offered the car to me at quite a bit less than the original advertised price before I even opened my mouth, and I said “Yes”. I think they had no serious offers for the car, apart from a much lower offer from the dealer where the car was bought.
I pointed out he could tell his grandad the XF was going to a good home and would be well looked after along with my two V12 XJ-Ss. I think that would lessen the pain. I would even keep the XJ350 once the tranny is fixed, a very nice car to drive, but I can’t stand the idea of having good cars left outside. To fit 4 Jags in the garage the XJ350 has to be up on a hoist with my XJ-S coupe underneath. O.K. for the moment while I tackle the tranny, but not very practical in the long run.