Transmission type 1964 MK2

Hello all,
This is my first post on this forum, having just bought a 1964 3.4 MK2.
I’ve been on the E-type for 15 years, having had 2 of them and still owning one.
I haven’t taken delivery of the MK2 yet and was wondering if the transmission is a Moss box with OD or the Jaguar synchro with OD?
Looking forward to your support with this new project.
Best regards.
John G.

1964 would be the Moss box.

I was afraid of that.
I forgot to check before buying the car.
I had a ‘63 E-type with the Moss box and I found it so harsh compared to the full-synchro box in my ‘66 E-type…
Oh well,
Thanks for the info!
John G.