Transmition fluid types

Hey guys,
Im using castrol dex 3 for many years but now i need to add fluid but i cant find this type of oil.
From this collection what is the best option ?

Motul is your DEX 111 it’s just got the full name of Dextron

So pleased to see you call it Dextron too. Scans so much better than Dexron. I’m always being picked up when using Dextron - but I’m too old to change now!


Best tranny fluids ever and so far confirmed IMO:

1st place: Royal Purple, no better stuff money can buy.
2nd place: Motul, mid range +
3rd place: Castrol, mid range, short lifespan

All of these are Dex 3 don’t go higher than 3, you will still find plenty of stock, there are residues of Dex2 on the market as per today - Dex3 is not a problem to get.