Treating rust in door edge seam?

(steve ) #1

I have some rust in the bottom door seam which is not bad enough for a re skin but needs sorting. If I use topical rust converter will this get in deep enough. Any other tips for a satisfactory treatment to avoid butchery? I plan to media blast the inside and out but there is a sandwich of metal which may hold rust.
I have used Rustins with good results on other projects but the fold over seams are a bigger challenge.
Liquid corrosion treatment will be applied to all box sections so this may hold it in check?
I just don’t want to add work to a growing list as the doors are not penetrated its just typical door bottom water ingress on an otherwise mostly rust free shell.

(Ian) #2

All you can do is try it , in theory no air no rust , so once treaded a good coat of paint should stop the air getting in !

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Take the drain thingies off, and flush with evaporust or phosophoric, rinse with water, then alcohol, then paint.

(The Jag Man) #4

I agree with Andrew and while you are in there apply some sound deadener like Noico and you will be amazed at the sound and vibration reduction. Under NO circumstances re-apply jute. Oh blast out with compressed air to get ALL sorts of tiny dust bit out. Might also grease the window rails; hmmmm…what else!!!


(tony) #5

to get the inside stuff, I rake out the inner seams with files, screwdrivers etc, drill out any perforations,multiple phosphoric acid type treatments. 2pac metal primer, POR15, or acid etch can be sprayed or brushed in, followed by anti-rust like waxzol, or fishoil.

the idea is an almost 100% non-porous treatment, as the chemical process of steel to iron ore cannot take place without access to air, which has O2 and H2O

I also replace deteriorated window to glass rubber wiper seals

(steve ) #6

All good advice gratefully received. It seems a toss up between two types of treatment as with Rustins you wipe it over with meths before painting and others you wash off with water. I really don’t want to soak the seams in water.
My glass seals are the old felt type. Can you replace this with rubber profile using same metal base or do I need to get complete new seals. I know these don’t keep water out but with treatment inside the door hopefully makes sure what gets in gets out again and does no damage while its in there.
The sound insulation pads were in a heap in the bottom of the doors. Been there for years. Even the felt pads were still there but as this came from a dryer climate no perforation of the door skin has occurred. Do I replace this pad with something else to prevent the innards moving about? I guess a few layers of Noico would work?

(Andrew Waugh) #7

I use Alcohol to dewater seams.