Tremec T5: 5 speed Manual Transmission

Anybody familiar with the Tremec T5 Manual 5 speed. Doing some research for a Series 1, 2Plus2 and this seems to have potential.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the unit itself, installation pros and cons as well as any major modifications that might be necessary.

The outfit manufacturing the unit offers a compatible bell housing for a 4.2 and modified drive shaft that accommodates the long wheel base.
Thanks in advance!

Mark Verwiel
San Rafael, CA

I had a Tremec T5 5 speed installed three years ago and love it. The fifth gear really adds to driving enjoyment at freeway speeds. I did not do the install so I can’t comment on that. what is unusual is the this Tremec takes ATF fluid versus normal gear oil. I believe the tranny was obtained from The Driven Man.

Is yours a 2plus2?

Best, Mark

Different vehicle but we had an older Mazda 626 V6 and the gearbox was always notchy until I drained the oil out and went to ATF, much improved changes and no adverse effects.

I have a Tremec Tko500 (is this same as T5?) in my '80 XKS.

I love 5th and the short throws. But…

Whines in 1,2,3rd gears, baulks at shifting at higher rpms. So I shift at 1500rpm with normal driving.

HI guys

I just purchaced a brand new Tremec T5 kit with prop shaft an everything required (uses adapterplate with
original bell housing) I am about to install it into my Series one 4,2 litre E-Type. Havent got it in yet but will report what I experiance. Looking very much forward to the fifth gear (1 : 0,63) and the silence from a modern box.

Here is where I got it from:
Elite Racing Transmissions | Beagle Engineering Ltd Telephone: 01782 280136
Gearworks, Salem Street, Stoke on Trent, ST1 5PR

  1. What is your diff ratio?
  2. What did the kit cost?

Your enjoyment of the car will DOUBLE once this kit is installed!!!

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The car was sold new in new york in 1966, so the diff is 3,54 : 1, Now in Norway :sunglasses:

Sorry forgot to enter the cost, nice but expensive, i bought it all, but chose the 0.63 fifth gear.

The price for the complete conversion is;

  • Jaguar 4.2 E-Type gearbox, speedo drive fitted & 0.63 5th gear - £3,050.00#

  • 0.80 5th gear - £200.00

  • Mounting kit - £145.00

  • Clutch plate - £150.00

  • Gearstick position adaptor - £28.00

  • Prop shaft - £195.00

Every time you slip it into 5th you will say it’s worth every dime!

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I’m not saying the 5 speed isn’t worth it but I get the same feeling every time I drive my 4 speed car now that the diff contains a 3.058 gear set. Previously I’d be looking for that non-existent 5th gear; not any more.

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I had my 307 rear in my 70 coupe for close to 30 years from its original 354.
So I understand, BUT Mark was asking…
The t5 1. smooth as silk
2. with matching lightened flywheel and clutch is effortless
3. No leaking from the drain bolt, tail or gear box!
4. No burning oil smell on exhaust pipes.
5, at 50 your at 1,500 rpm…70 1,800 rpm and 90 2,100 rpm or close.
stock your screaming at 2,500 rpm at 50!
Much cooler tunnel and no cringing in any gears.
IMHO, If its out and your doing a real good job for the long haul, its a bullet proof set up.
The lightened flywheel makes it shift like a 1980s Honda accord, its effortless.
I only do 6,000 miles every year in my old etype.
P.S add the high torque mini starter and your good for 30 years!
Enjoy guys…
p.s. that’s with a 2 88 rear end…

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I think you may need to recalibrate you tachometer…:laughing:



Per you may now find that you don’t have roads long enough!!

With 185/70/15 tyres, 3.54 diff and 0.64 5th, you will be doing
2250rpm at 120Km/h (75mph);
1900rpm at 100Km/h (63mph).

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself STILL looking for yet another gear! But OK, lets not be greedy. My XJS is running 2000rpm at 120Km/h with a 0.7 5th and there aren’t many hills that she does not climb in 5th! You may experience much the same with the torque those sixes make.

The bottom line is that once you drive the car, the money you spent on the kit will be quickly forgotten, displaced by a perpetual smile. Improved fuel consumption also should broaden that smile.

I have concluded with my own transmission conversions (XJS = Tremec Tko500 and Jensen Interceptor Mk3 = GM 4L60e) that a transmission conversion is one of the very best upgrades one can do to these old cars - better even than an EFI conversion.

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By memory but very close, I have a 288 rear too boot.
It might be 2,400 for 90 mph but its close.
The point being IF you want the 5 speed and go 3 07 or 2 88
Its a complete transformation…
Enjoy them guys
The electric xj , f pace and e pace are 5 months away…

Arn’t you folks with the high butt ends missing the premise that some of us want both great acceleration and low cruising rpm?

Not me. My position is it’s your car, do what you want to with based on your individual priorities.

I just got back from a 100 mile shopping trip this afternoon and I’m quite happy with my choice.


I have a jt5 with a 3.54 rear. I put in a great 1st gear for acceleration and a great 5th gear for cruising, to me, its the best of both worlds.

But drive it like a 4 speed most times and just skip 4th gear.


Interesting, so you kept the 3 54…
What are you at at 70 in 5th gear?

I do like the 3.07 and wouldn’t give it up but – even though I do not miss whatever acceleration was lost I do notice a drop in engine braking when driving twisty mountain roads. Not a big deal, but something not often mentioned when exploring alternatives. Obviously a 3.54 w/ a 5-speed would avoid this trade-off.