Trim code problem

I have 2000 Supercharged Daimler Xj8 (with sun roof) which I purched in 2006. Like many other Jaguar owners the headlining has sagged and the leather seats need renovation. These are what I would describe as cream, or sand. I have researched replacing the headlining and have sent off for a sample which I believe is “Oatmeal”. Having located the data plate under the bonnet, some of the detail is unfortunately obscured. The paint code is “PED”, the trim is “L??” Followed by “BR”. (The third letter of the trim code could be J or a W or even a Y, although I am guessing here).
I can’t find a “PED” paint code in any Jaguar paint code listings, and the only trim codes starting with an L seem to grays.
I have also looked to see it it is possible to uncover the paint / trim data from the vin. My vin is SAJAC34J4YMF10747.
I am wondering if there are different codes for Daimler’s? I suppose it is possible the car has had a replacement interior refit but this seems unlikely.
Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions please.

Paint code PED is anthracite black metallic (my super V8 is in that colour and has that code). May help if you could post a photo of the exterior, the data plate and the interior colours.

I’m sure others will chip in if they know the answer without additional info.


Jaguar Parts Catalogue ‘A’ pages for you.

X308_1998-2003.pdf (3.8 MB)

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Thanks to both of you for your input. My car is indeed anthracite metallic black with what I now believe is oatmeal leather seats (with black pipeing). I gathered this from the original spec option chart - the consoles (front and rear) are oatmeal as are the lower door cards and dash. The top of my dash and the top of the door cards and hand brake grip are a light plum colour, which I guess is what Jaguar call “Antilope”, and the carpet is a mid brown, which is what they term “Sable”.
I will take and upload some photos when I have worked out how to do this.

The 3 letter trim code on the data plate definitely starts with an “L”, which does seem at odds with the “Oatmeal” leather code “AGD” however.

I have taken some photos - see attached

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On the data plate photo (taken on my iPad), I think the Trim code is “LFJ” which is the Jaguar code for “Nimbus”. (The previous photo I had taken was on my iPhone was much smaller and far less clear).
From the pictures of the car you can see why I am confused, as there is no way that the interior trim is Nimbus grey. It is very obviously cream / light brown, and from the information link you provided, I think it is likely to be (as I stated above) Oatmeal / Antelope / Sable.
What intrigues me is how this apparent conflict came about. Either a previous owner swopped the whole interior trim package for some unknown reason, or could it have been a special order change made at the factory that occurred after the data plate was printed.
I wonder if anyone else has come across trim conflicts like this / knows how this could happen?

Why not get a Heritage Certificate from JDHT? I’m pretty sure it includes that information. It’s not expensive and will make a nice addition to any documentation you might have.

Oatmeal and grey were the only headlining options and Oatmeal looks a much better match. The car has an XJR front grille and other mods may have been done - the interior may indeed be a replacement. Can’t be sure from the photos but some interior colours appear not to match where they should. Not a UK spec car according to the VIN although it is RHD. May be interesting for you to research the history?


Could be an import from Asia/OZ.

My NED interior has an Oatmeal cubby lid like yours which doesn’t match the Ivory trans tunnel and console sides like yours.

Show people here the back seats and console seat controls - they’ll be jealous.