Triple SU HD8 Set Up for an XJ6 could be used on 420g or Mk X

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I know that posting a couple of times and then hawking your wares on a forum is poor etiquette, but I hope someone will thank me for this.
I’d like to sell my triple SU set up from my series 1 XJ6. It’s a 420g or Mk X manifold adapted to the XJ6 engine bay by fitting a 3/8" aluminum plate that is machined at an angle in order to drop the carbs down so the bonnet will close without interfering with the front carb. I believe the thermostat housing was rotated and the filler machined and welded to allow the cap to clear as well. This has been working perfectly with stock thermostat for about 10 years. The carbs were fully rebuilt about 10 years ago with kits from SU and solid floats. It has the ASC and it works perfectly and shuts off pretty quickly as the car warms up. I also have a set of the modern SU pumps and a Pertronix distributor. The filter / plenum is sheet aluminum welded to velocity stacks. I ran an intake and filter inside of the passenger wheel well to get cooler air and keep the intake noise from those triple HD8’s to a minimum.
Unfortunately my car’s body is too far gone and I’m not willing due to time and space constraints to swap my driveline into a better body. It’s a shame since I’ve had it for about 20 years. Living in hot, humid and coastal Miami has done a number on it. Here is a video of the engine running I took the other day.

I don’t know what this is worth. Please shoot me reasonable offers if interested.

Asking price (if selling): open to reasonable offers will make a nice deal for the whole shebang (pumps, distributor, etc)

Location: Miami, FL

Contact information: please PM me

Cost of shipping (if selling): I will carefully pack everything and ship for actual cost - I have a Fed Ex account so there’s a bit of a discount

Willing to ship worldwide? Sure

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