TRIPLEX logos research - a bit of help needed

Great glass - many thanks!
Do you have original front or headlamp glass as well?


No to both - replacement PPG windshield and open headlights on July '67 build.

Of course on the headlamps! Many thanks!


Here are some pictures from my 1964 FHC (a LHD model), with a manufacture date of December 16, 1963. All of this glass was on the car when I bought it in 1985. A few notes:

  1. Driver’s side door glass - The car was parked for many years, during which my kids would occasionally climb in when Dad wasn’t looking. One of them (the perp has never been identified, and omerta is the rule with my kids) slammed the driver’s side door too hard and shattered the window. It (the window, not the kid) has since been replaced with a non-OEM unit.
  2. Windshield - The “1985” windshield is stored about 30 miles from here. It was pretty scratched and I have purchased a replacement and hope to install it in the coming months. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of my old windshield when I’m next in that area.
  3. Headlamp covers - I noticed that the logos don’t match. The driver’s side logo matches your grid for 1963 and the passenger’s side matches your grid for 1965. Is it possible that my car represents a transition? Did the assembly line use “S” units for the driver’s side and “TF M6” units for the passenger’s side? The other possibility is that the passenger side glass needed to be replaced at some point between 1964 and 1985, and the “TF M6” glass was what was available.

Thanks for carrying on this valuable research.



Many thanks!

Great shots of the SUNDYM logos - they are rare, I have only seen a few, however:

  • your passenger door is a '65 - hence the reason for the M14 designation which was special for the SUNDYM glass. Standard glass was M6.
    Out of interest, Sundym side glass used a dual dots to mark the year from '67
    Naturally, it’s not original to your car.
  • your headlamp '65 glass is not original to your car either. What is interesting is that the AS2 designation is at the top, unlike on other cars from the same period:

It’s consistent though with the earlier '64 glass. Yours is a Q1, so maybe the AS2 wend to the bottom by Q2?..


M codes : - Manufacturer’s codes describing different models of the glass. They were used since '64. The same codes were used on various car models/brands, however these are Triplex codes used on Jaguar glass.

  • M3 ('64-'67), M31 ('67-'68), M101 ('69-??) -windshield AS1 glass

  • M33 , M111 - windshield SUNDYM AS1 glass

  • M6 , side, rear headlamp glass

  • M14 , later M22, side & rear glass, SUNDYM

  • M23 - rear, heated

Others I know of from Triplex:
M22, M25 (sundym) - Used on Rolls Royce
M33, M101 - used on AM

PS.2 Bob, the windshield logo is very interesting, especially if it’s SUNDYM…



Very interesting. A 60-year-old car shares some characteristics with an archeological dig.

Have you updated the grid shown at the top of this thread?



Absolutely! :slight_smile:

Grit update - coming. I need to find some time for that…
I have posted an update on the M numbers though.
Maybe someone would paste more shots in the mean time?


Just visited my 1985 windshield. It’s a PPG aftermarket unit.


Thanks for letting me know Bob.

These are from my '66 FHC, 1E31685, built in mid-65:

Right rear window

Passenger door

Left rear window

Headlight cover

The rest is non-Triplex. Apologies for the poor quality. Hope these help!

Okay, I’ll try this again.

1967 Roadster December 22 build date 1E14367 Not certain if glass is all original, but it is the same that it had in 1974.


Side Glass


This LH headlight cover seems different from your chart ?

I obtained it and other period Jag parts from a deceased estate many years ago

notably "Triplex Toughened " is not in a circle

below D90 is script as follows; (best as I can make out)


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Tadek, FYI I see that you’re looking at logos up to '69, but I messaged you photos of logos on an early '70 in case you’re interested and missed my message.

fwiw, '66, think original. 1st one is heated rear hatch window