Truing wire wheels

I live in the greater Orlando, FL area. My wire wheels are in great, like new condition, but I need two of them trued. What type of shop should I be searching for? Any ideas regarding cost of doing so? Thanks.

Daton Wire Wheel, in Dayton, Ohio is the only facility that I would trust. There may be others, but I don’t know of any. good luck on this

Someone on this list recommended this company: Might be worth a call.

Hendrix was the first place I thought of when the OP said he was in the southeast. They have had a good reputation for a long time.

I do have to ask….why do they need truing if they are in “like new” condition? Are you being honest with yourself about their condition? If the splines are even marginal, it could be best to just buy new.

Gary - being in Orlando Florida, have you tried checking with any of the major Harley Davidson motorcycle places to see if they know who may be able to do the car wire wheel tuning (since they would know who would do the motorcycle wheels) - Tex.

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Hendrix Wire Wheel in Greensboro NC. Alan did my Healey wheels and are great. He will mount, shave the tires and balance correctly. I am taking my Series II wheels to him this fall when I get close

I worked at a Harley Dealer in Houston in the 80s. MG, Triumph, and Jag guys brought rims in to be trued regularly.

There was a place in Houston, maybe ten blocks south of downtown, off Almeda Road that trued wire wheels. They did the ones off my 2+2. They had a heated 55 gallon drum of used motor oil they soaked the wheels in for a few days to loosen any rusted spokes before they attempted any truing. They claimed they rarely broke any spokes. I’ve no idea if they are still in business.

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I worked at Stubb’s Cycles on Telephone Rd.
Not sure where the place you were talking about was.

Also as a note : If this is stemming from you taking to a tire shop to have them balanced and they told you they were out of true . beware as if they are not using the correct cones that center on spline area , they will be wonky every time . i learned the hard way, took mine to 2 different shops that claimed they could mount and balance wire wheels. both said either they needed a ridiculous amount of weight or the rims were bent.
i bought a set of the proper cones , took to speed shop ea wheel ended up taking less that a 1/2 oz weight w new tires .

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Hi Eric…tell me more about the set of proper cones you bought…where did you buy them, how much?
Using these cones, will conventional tire places be able to use them? Thanks

here is the correct way they need to be mounted withthe cones :MWS

These are the cones i purchased :
note just like our knock offs the outer should be centered with the outside radius of the wheel hub .

i purchesed the 52 and 42 mm so i could do my TR4 wheels eventually .

Yes, I’m familiar with Stubbs; drove by it a million times, although I never stopped there. They’ve been on Telephone Road practically forever. I think the place I was talking about closed years ago.

I purchased the kit from Moss and it cracked after the fourth wheel. It was a hairline crack but enough to make impossible to balance the wheel. I was with the tech all the time and it was never over tightened.
So I made this per Dick Maury’s advice, works great :

40 mm opening and it slides directly on a standard wheel


Is that advise in the archives?
Hmmm I need my lathe access which dried up :man_shrugging:
Any idea what a used hub goes for

I highly recommend Hendrix. I just purchased a set of 5 MWS wheels, tires and tubes from them. They true the wheels, mount, shave, balance and ship the assemblies to your doorstep. They tag each wheel with the recommended installation location…Spare, L Rear, R Rear, L Front & R Front. Our E-Type runs sooooo smooth and true. I’m very satisfied.

You could ship them your wheel assemblies and they should be able to sort out your issue. A quick phone call and/or email will confirm.