Trunk harness connection(?)

In my 2001 VDP there are a bunch of inop/broken wires on the right side near the hinge but not only those. Rather than faff about soldering/splicing, does anyone know if there’s a multi-pin connector behind the tank or on the rear bulkhead hidden by the seat? I would rather swap the whole sub-harness from one of scrap cars I’ve seen than fix the mess I have.

If it’s all one continuous harness down the right side, from trunk and numberplate lights all the way to the dash, then I’d have no option but fixing the broken stuff, on my back, working upside down in the dark, with my legs hanging out the boot (cue violins…)

I think there is a multipin connector on the parcel shelf, but it looks very difficult to undo.

I would still repair the wires myself. (and this time unsure the cable is NOT cable tied to the hinge, so it has more room to move)

If you need someone to slam the bootlid for you, I’m your man.

Ah! The G-Man has spoken :slight_smile:

As much use as a chocolate poker, of course, but still. I’ve missed you like toothache.