Trunk Lid S1 ?drain holes? at edge?

Here’s a pic of the edge of my trunk lid:

I see filler just above the latch…yes the latch is in sad shape.

I seem to recall that there were drain holes here? Anyone have a pic of an unmolested lid? yeah they also filled the chrome emblem holes even though told not to

Mine has drain holes at the corners:

It [the lid pictures here] might be a S2 lid (the photo happens to be my spare lid that has a luggage rack mounted) but I think it is from an S1,

do s2 lids have those holes?

Yes, my original S2 lid has them - my disclaimer was that I did not know what my extra lid came from (other than it was a 4.2).

Note that holes in corners more or less align with the drain holes in the channel around boot opening.

So why does it look like someone messed with that area in the middle of your boot lid? As I recall the bolts for that latch thread into a captured plate, If for some reason the threads in that plate get messed up and one had to replace it – opening the edge of the boot would be one way.