Trunk Light Wires - Where are they?

Hi All, long time Jag-Lovers member (since 1992!) but haven’t been on in ages. I have a 1994 XJ12 (just like the 40) and the trunk light was out. Upon opening the back trunk cover, there were NO WIRES connected to the bulb contacts (!) What color should they be? Can’t see any wires anywhere near the light and blade contacts. Thanks in advance all. This site is an amazing resource.

The wires are brown/white and purple/red. The place to start tracking down the wires IMHO would be the trunk light switch. It is mounted to the outboard side of the right trunk lid hinge:

A purple/red wire runs from the switch to the trunk light. The brown/white wire runs from the right side E post light to the trunk light.

This is from the wiring diagram in Jaguar’s electrical guide:

Maybe a previous owner was having battery drain problems and suspecting the trunk light he has disconnected them ? If so, when the trunk lid is raised they will have fallen down towards the front edge of the trunk lid and could be resting somewhere in that area.

i cannot find the switch of the boot light too. Maybe i am blind but i cannot find the switch anywhere… i see the photo but i don’t’ understand where is located the switch.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, maybe a video is worth 1,000,000 words? No audio, just watch for the screwdriver to point to the switch. Here is a link to the video file in my Dropbox account (copy and paste into your browser):


Mike thanks a lot i will check in my car, but i am quite shure it’s completely different from yours. you have battery in the trunk i have it in the engine bay, maybe there is a different in the location of the switch.

This may not be remotely correct, but if you lift the cover to your spare tire and look against the side closest to the rear bumper you’ll find a green relay. In mine two wires are disconnected, so based on others comments, I’m guessing that at least one of those could be for the trunk light as all my rear lights are functioning as they should.