Trunk lock is stripped and battery dead

Key lock on trunk was stripped loose by previous owner and broke off drill bit in lock.
Battery is no good won’t charge so any ideas of how to get into trunk?

Hi welcome to the forum what year is your XJ please?

Thank you. It’s a 1993.

Have moved it to #xj40.

Are you in N. America Ronnie?

If so, take off the rear number plate and you might be able to trip the lock mechanism working through the holes under the plate.

Tried that but all 4 holes are blocked by metal on inside. Locksmith wouldn’t even try. Short of drilling a larger hole I’m stumped

Check in the archives, you aren’t the first with this problem.

Ronnie, there’s a positive battery post on the firewall in the engine bay. You can try to hook up a charger and push the trunk opening button under the center armrest.

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I’d use a booster battery (or another car) instead of a battery charger to energize the electrical system from the engine bay.


My 89 has an extra hole behind the plate for just such an emergency.

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