Trunk of jag 2000 xkr will not open but hear activator working


I have a 2000 jag xkr. trunk lide will not open though hear activator working and battery charged

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Are you trying with just the remote or with the button release?

(Eric Capron) #3

The boot latch is operated with one of two cables. One connects to the manual keyhole in the badge and the other to the solenoid operated by the button on the dash (or the remote). I think it is probably this one that you refer to. You will almost certainly find that the hook has broken off the end of the cable and so the solenoid operates, which is what you can hear but is not connected to the latch.

You can replace just the cable but it is ridiculously expensive. Much cheaper to find a good second hand latch.

Shropshire, UK