Trying to find a brass water adapter for manifold

(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #1

Hi all

So I’ve been looking for a brass version of this, with no luck. All I can find is a steel version, which rusts inside the intake manifold. (Interesting the vacuum one right along side of it is brass, and it never sees moisture )

Does anyone know a source? Or have one they’re willing to part with?

(69 FHC ) #2

I don’t know what size that is but you might try looking around this web site:

(Tom Peck) #3

I know you were looking earlier (Feb 4) for a brass replacement for these fittings. All available in US as well as from Guy Broad in UK (going by Jaguar part No.) are indeed steel.

I purchased brass hose barbs in BSPP thread (British Standard Pipe Parallel) from the Hosemaster in UK:

Male BSP Parallel Thread - Brass Hosetail

Brass Fittings - Male BSP Parallel Thread

MHP06/10 3/8" BSPP x 5/8" ID Brass Hosetail Qnty 7 for 3.77 british pounds each, or about $4.86 each - better than the Jaguar part.
Being hose barbs, they have multiple ridges where the hose goes instead of the single ridge at the end of the Jaguar part. They are also longer. But they are brass, and they are the correct thread. I trimmed the length a bit, used new copper washers and they have been great.

On my '69 2+2 with Strombergs there are 6 of these fittings including one on back of water pump where heater return pipe connects.