Tune up went wrong

so i bought all the parts to give my 1970 a good tune up plugs wires cap and rotor. Car started right up so i went for a little test drive 2 miles from the house died and would not restart no spark. got it home put the old rotor back on started right up. walked around to look at the cap and it was wobbling with the timing of the car. so i put the new one back on did the same thing filed down the bottom of the rotor the fix it. why can’t they make parts that work any more?

Tiny market, small demand.

Try getting any parts for a DKW.

They still have to make them why not just make them right. Can’t be that hard to make a dam rotor! :crazy_face:

My guess is the people who make them don’t understand how they build the parts might impact their function.

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Rick , Well, if your sticking with 80 year old technology supposedly SNG is making the correct rotor soon.
The condensors are china crap so dont know how that will help…
Again if you can find BLUE STREAK ANYTHING or Lucas original anything its much better.
You probably know what I would suggest but…
Some people Learn the hard way…
Good luck on 80 year old parts while driving a car.
Sad is something like a truck coming the other way or up your tail if you stalled out.
Good luck.

And again…

Tiny market, small demand =no real profit motive.

i want a 123 dis but they cost to much $$$$$ for me right now but i do have the Pertronix right now

NO…NO…Please , Ill take the china crap over that…
Save your money for the 123…Call SNG they might supply the parts already.
Having fun, but between those 2 , pick your poison.
Wait , I just reread your post, You have petronix in now? below the rotor and cap?

Nick Im beating you out, I see your trying to reply

I installed a Pertronix dizzy 10,000+ mikes ago and haven’t touched it since. The engine runs perfectly, and it sure beats points and condenser.


yes the Pertronix has been in the car for years

Pertronix module in a standard 22D dizzy is not the same as a Pertronix dizzy.

YEAH…Well the last 38 guys who pm’d me switched from petronix to 123 and always had the same response…OMG.
So , I respect you cant afford it yet. BUT your unit is probably getting hot as well, its a matter of time.
ONE SMALL THING, Are you using old copper spark plug wires or modern fiber center cores?
Your answer will tell the whole story.
With love

mine is in the stock dizzy

i just put new wires on

No joking around, theynever got the series 2 petronix right even when I used it 30 years ago , it never ran right with the vac retard.
Is your still that way? vac retard
Also which wires are you using

What type ? thats the key

I’m quite satisfied with my Petronix distributor as well. One of the best bang for buck changes to the car you can make.

John thats great but…

But what? Two owners here are perfectly satisfied with their Pertronix distributors and see no advantage to going 123.