Turbo for XJ6 4.2 Series 3

Hey Guys, Any thoughts on fitting a turbo on an XJ6 4.2 series 3 fuel inj. If so, does anyone have instructions and parts list. What are the pros and cons. Looking to increase power on a budget.

I’m no help here except to say if there ever was a nice car that desperately needed a turbo, the Jag XJ6 would be it! :+1:
Just watch that head gasket…

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‘…increasing power on a budget’, Jitendra - what sort of budget…? :slight_smile:

It’s not that it cannot be done, but you better make a price list based on a known supercharged engine. Adding that increased power; at some level of increase you may need a new gearbox and improved brakes - if you intend to use the extra power…

And the engine itself is not designed with turbocharging in mind…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)


These guys should be able to help!!!

As a word of caution, having turboed and non-turbo car (Fiat Sider) I would say that these efforts are never as budget-friendly as they initially sound.

Having said that, DO IT! I would love to follow along as I have considered this once or twice myself.

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Replace that pig of an automatic trans with a gm od (lower first gear too).

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I’ve always wanted a sleeper
That’s why I checked this option, among other things
So chassis, brakes, axles and differential wasn’t that big of a problem
The problem here in Germany is all the paperwork, reports, etc.
Here you are overwhelmed by bureaucracy and in the end you wouldn’t have registered it with me anyway.
Then I thought about a V8 in the Jag but the same problem here too
In the end I also thought about the 12 cylinder from the XJ but that thing isn’t really fun and for the cost I can buy an XJ12 right away for my XJ6
The car was supposed to be a sleeper and the XJ12 is anything but a sleeper
I often envy the countries where you can build something and just have fun with it
The best example are simple spoked rims that I would like to have on my car
Oh my God put a stone in your way
Although it’s more rocks and mountains than stones
The result: I’ll do it anyway!
But that won’t work with a small budget.
I found people here to tune the engine, but that comes at a price.
But what good does it do me if I can no longer drive the thing and can only look at it?

Things can be done to the engine, relatively inexpensively that will increase its horsepower and torque: someone said it and it’s probably the best thing you could do, would be to put a modern automatic transmission in it.

If you aren’t concerned about ultimate top speed, but want a little bit faster off the line, you can put a lower gear ratio in the rear also, and that’s not that expensive to do.

Regarding an XJ12 sleeper, couldn’t that be done by just swapping XJ6 badges on for the XJ12 ones? Or debadging it entirely if you don’t like false advertising.

I seem to recall that was popular at one time in Germany, as many didn’t want to advertise which sub-model they were driving. Opposite from the United States, where a good number of people seek out the badges for the high-performance or high-trim sub model to put on their more common or cheaper car.