Turn signal frequency

Turn signal frequency: it started on the left side and now the right side is also affected.
the flashing light inside flashes 3 times normally and then twice as fast.

Outside all indicators work correctly.

Where could the problem be ?

Does your car have the side repeaters in the front wings?
If so, the problem is probably a high resistance connection in the bulb socket caused by corrosion

See this -

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yes I have direction indicators in the fender.

I’ll disassemble this time are only the sides affected or or the front or rear too?

My only experience was with the side repeater indicator lamps, none of the others

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Thanks to you for the info. I hope it stays with something like that

Don’t forget the rear clusters use two bulbs for the flashers in each assembly (at least mine do)

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I’ll second Bryans experience, the side repeaters can get crumbly inside and start to play up.

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If it starts normally and then speeds up - your indicator relay (flasher relay) is gone. If it flashes too quick all the time - it’s a light bulb.

FYI No flasher relay on an XJ40.

Omph… If no relay - then what? Just don’t tell me it’s called ECU :upside_down_face:

See reply #2 above - it’s called a CPU. :slight_smile:

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Wow. A CPU. Guessing microchip industry nicked that term from Jaguar… Funny how similar are XJS and XJ40 and how different in the same time. One of them was probably made by weekend shift…

The computer industry used the term “central processing unit” as early as 1955. Also, Intel advertised the first single chip CPU in 1971.