Turn signal/hazard light

Hey all
I have some troubles with the turn signal on my 88’ 5.3l
The hazard light wont come on at all and the turn signal come on only at the front and rear not on the front wings.
I remove and clean the hazard button and chack all the fuse’s i can find .
Is there anything alse i should check ?

I presume you’ve checked the bulbs?

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The bulb is o.k cuz when the alarm is on the side blinker do work.
The previous owner replace the original headlight with led light (see pic) the led stripes around is connect to the side blinker

Since some of the turn signal lights work it means your flasher relay is doing it’s job.
So, the non working lights and hazard switch are at fault or have a bad connection.
Did you check the grounds ?


Not yet
Where i should start ?

Start from the non working lights.
Check if you get 12V and if you have ground.
Then follow the cables until you find the fault.
It’s also good to have a wiring diagram .

So i checked the grounds and it looks o.k.
Is there any other thing i should look ??

I’m wondering if the PO disconnected something when they connected up the LED’s in the headlights.

Shahar Alon,
Your car did not come from the factory with an alarm or those LED headlamp bulbs. So the problem I have with giving advice to you is that I do not know what the prior owners or their shops did when they modified your car to add them.

One of the Jaguars that I own was modified by a Prior Owner or their shop with an aftermarket security/alarm system and a mobile phone. I experienced some unexplainable electrical issues in that car after I got it until I removed all that extra stuff, repaired the shoddy wiring, and returned the car to its original configuration. After that I had no more issues. If I were you I would consider doing that to sort this out if only temporarily.

BTW, the side lights on the wings are just that. The go on when the headlamp switch is turned out of the OFF position. They are not supposed to blink with the turn signals, Hazard Lights, or at any other time. If your side lights blink at any time it is due to a wiring modification.


Man, those headlights are uuuuugggglllyyyy.