Turn signal mechanism

The plastic arm is broken on my '63 E-Type turn signal switch, so I must manually
return the lever to the neutral position. A new white plastic switch with the two arms
arrived from XK’s today and I found a YouTube video as to how it is installed.
But my old switch had a thin wire inserted inside with the ends wrapped around
a small post, and it all fell apart. It is obvious that the thin wire is not factory related.
There are two brass contact points above the two turn signal brass contacts.
I cannot figure out the purpose of the two upper contacts.
I have carefully reviewed the wiring diagram and I understand it.
Is there a web page or YouTube that explains the function of all the contacts?
I need to figure out what is missing inside my switch that required the thin wire.
Happy motoring…

I suggest you post a photo so we can more understand and them comment!

Dennis 60 OTS

Horn button is my guess. But I have an S2.

i think yo will find those contact operate the turn signal lights in the dash.

Do you have a number for the two armed switch plastic part alone? I can only find complete switch assemblies from Moss, or anyone else for that matter. A broken arm is all that is wrong with mine.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

Looks like an ideal application for a 3D printer (but I do not have one).

This may be what you are looking for: Lucas Indicator 85SA Switch Repair Kit Jaguar XKE 54325591. I think I saw one on eBay for $70! Lot’s of hits on Google but mostly not available/sold out.

I bought the repair kit from XKs last year and repaired a friend’s Series 1 turn signals

I think if you call them, it might turn out they don’t list the product on line

It is a little finicky to install and you get a new rivet to retain everything with after you drill out the old rivet

Dennis 69 OTS with later turn signals

I thought about that and I have a printer but there is a lot of flex plus some residual stress so I fear the PLA material will either creep or crack, or both. Worth a shot though. My printer doesn’t handle nylon, which might have worked.

Gonna try to snag a new one first.


Email Don Green at XKs.
He is at don@xks.com and I bought the replacement plastic part from him in 2019 when I repaired the same problem on a friend’s series 1

Dennis 69 OTS

Thanks, I’ll give him a try. Hopefully he survived the transition to Moss


Here is an example of the repair kit on EBay
It was cheaper from XKs last year when I bought it

Thank you Dennis