Turn signal relays

So i have an issue in my XJS of turn signals staying on occasionally. During the daytime i cannot see the flashing very well, and with music going, I cannot hear the relay clicking.

I’ve bought some piezoelectric buzzers in varying HZ that i could wire into 12V turn signal supply, but they sound so annoying that I’d hate to be stuck at a left turn with that noise.

I am using the URO turn signal relay. Before i go experimenting with other relays that work and may be louder, has anybody stumbled upon a relay that works and has a loud click? Any way to open up relay and make it louder?


HI Greg, On my car I located the flasher unit and removed the bolster panel above my left leg, and drilled a big hole in it ( the panel) with a holesaw. Much louder now.

You mean that nice vinyl bound panel? I’d hate to destroy that. Perhaps drill a hole into body of relay? Worth trying, as its only a $25 part.

Otherwise, i may try low frequency peizo with a muffle (tape) on it.

Yes, the almost horizontal piece where the dimmer for the panel lights is located. I can’t see the underside on my car. I have more than one switch installed in that panel. Unless I’m standing on my head!