Turn wheels without the key?

Looking a buying an 03 X from a tow-away auction that doesn’t have a key and the wheels are turned as if to the curb. Anyway to ‘defeat’ the interlock and be able to straighten the wheels so I can load it on my trailer should I win the bid?

If it were me, I would consider making a ‘dolly’ of wood and casters to place under the front tires to roll it up on to the trailer to get it home. You can then work at your leisure to get a key made. Defeating the key lock is going to be a bitch otherwise.

I considered that, but my garage dollies are wider than my ramps…
The only other thought I’ve had so far was to get the tow company to pick up the front end and load it backwards onto the trailer. IF they are around on the day on the pickup. But the question I then have - does the rear axle ‘freewheel’ if the car is in park and the front end immobile. Don’t want to screw up the transmission either.

You can get the car out of Park by taking the fascia off and finding the little tab down inside on the mechanism (I know there is a Youtube on it because I had to do it a few years ago), this will allow you to at least roll the car around without a key. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you might need to unscrew the tie-rod ends from their rods, then straighten out the tires. If you are only going 10 or 12 feet, that is an option.

I don’t know the answer to ulta-short moves, but you are not supposed to tow the X Type without all four wheels of the ground. The rear axle does not free wheel. The tow truck operator would likely hook a chain on the back end and skid it on to the deck.

and thats a bit of what I’m cautious of - them just ‘sliding’ it onto the deck. How much (if any) damage could be done by doing that? I do know (per my Brother in Law personal experience) that an X-Drive BMW that can do damage.

Have you considered a tow truck with a dolly? Take special care strapping down the front wheels on the lift and have the back wheels on the dolly.

Or, once you buy the car and have the papers, call in AAA to cut you a new key. It would work for the locks till you had to go to Jaguar to get it coded.

almost $200 to load and go the 38 miles… gonna pass

cost of a AAA membership almost be offset by the tow bill

Tie rod ends, baking sheets and a winch?

Towing it for a few dozen yards won’t hurt it, it’s likely because the oil pump(s) isn’t running. It’s like rolling to a stop with the engine off.
Towing it with the wheels locked sounds bad.
Question is if the four wheels are interlocked right?

You‘ll need new keys anyways so can you somehow just leave it in place until you have them?

Jack it up and stick some old hubcaps under the wheels so it will slide.

I considered (and may have to) leave it sit, but per the local Jag dealer, from what I’ve found out a programmed key is a 7-10 day process. That would cost me an add’l $210 to $300 ($30 a day “storage”).

Dolly it to your home; don’t pay the storage fees.

forgot about those. U Haul usually has them for around $50 for a day so that may be the best plan. Anyone ever done that with an all wheel driver? Any issues with the rears on the ground rolling?

I didn’t mean those. Sorry for that. The X Type CANNOT be towed with any wheels on the ground. The dolly I meant was with the tow truck. Where they lift one end with the truck and lift the other with the dolly wheels they carry.

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Hello Bill F.- not sure if possible for you - jack up car, mark the orientation of the driveshaft flange in respect to the u-joint (this will preserve the front and rear axel timing), disconnect the driveshaft u-joint and remove, support up the driveshaft, - this will allow free-wheeling of the rear axle from the front drive - place the turned locked front wheels on the U-Haul dolly securing them correctly - once home, when ready to reconnect the u-joint and the driveshaft, align the marks you placed - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 11/29/2020 2331hrs. EST USA.

Well, you can, but you’d have to drop the propshaft out.

Get a Tibbe key pick. They aren’t expensive and you should be able to defeat the steering lock with ease, and figure out the combination needed to get a proper key cut.